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Qualis Engineering is more than just a construction company. It is a team of commendable individuals who uphold values and aim to build lasting relationships with Clients, Employees, and Suppliers. Our actions are characterized by kindness, passion, respect, and social responsibility.

We execute construction projects using the "design and build" approach and also act as the general contractor for investments. Our success lies in the completion of over 60 investment projects for corporate and individual clients, both with Polish and foreign capital. By choosing Qualis Engineering, you are selecting a modern system for executing construction projects, allowing for adjustments to building plans according to changing conditions and technical possibilities. Our team has worked with top brands such as Orlen, Carrefour, Unilever, Tesco, Konspol, Lumiko, Mondi, and many others.


We carry out investments in both general and engineering construction sectors. Our strengths are experience, knowledge, flexibility, and high quality. We construct volumetric structures in industrial construction and make the best use of our skills in "design and build" projects. Thanks to this, right from the beginning of project implementation, we showcase our capabilities to our Clients. Together, we will design your company, select road layout, construction technology, go through the process of obtaining building permits, and as a result, we will build your development.

Our experience allows you to have full control over the quality and costs of the project undertaken, as well as finding the most effective solutions. During project implementation, we analyze the objects in terms of their functionality for the Client, showing them various possibilities to achieve the final result. If you are at the stage of deciding on an investment project, contact us, and you will receive a product that ensures the development of your business.


The investment construction process is extremely complex and requires thorough practical knowledge. To carry it out, specialized knowledge is essential, which combines various aspects: economic, technical, technological, organizational, and legal. The Qualis Engineering team has extensive experience in each of these aspects, providing its Clients with expert support and a sense of security. The implementation of the investment can be divided into the following phases of action:

  • Making the investment decision

    Creating the Functional and Utility Program (PFU). Despite appearances, this is the most challenging element of investment activities, and errors at this stage can lead to the final outcome not meeting the Investor's expectations.

    Financial analysis, including the discounted rate of return on investment, often conducted by the Investor or specialists acting on their behalf.

    Obtaining the building permit as the final administrative decision allowing the commencement of construction work.
  • Execution of the works

    Choosing the method of investment implementation: general execution of the investment or selecting a company to coordinate the work and partially subcontracting it to individual contractors.

    Appointing an inspector for investor supervision, a specialist who will communicate with the contractor on our behalf.

    Formal completion of the construction by submitting or obtaining the occupancy permit. Setting up machines and equipment, shelves, furniture, and the facility's equipment.
  • Achieving full production capacity and handing over the investment for production

    Commencing tests of machines and equipment and eventually starting production.

    Achieving the facility's full production capacity.

Of course, the process presented above is highly simplified, but it fully reflects all stages of investment project realization. Qualis Engineering offers comprehensive support to the Investor at every stage, ensuring that the investment is as efficient and smooth as possible. Our success is the result of collaborative efforts from all participants throughout the process. With our expertise, we propose optimal solutions to our Clients, keeping in mind the long-term goal of building cooperation. Our team comprises architects, constructors, industry designers, and experts, enabling us to create tailor-made products and introduce solutions that reduce the costs of construction activities and lower the operating costs of existing facilities.



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